What We Offer


Based on its global market intelligence capabilities, and together with its trusted global suppliers network, Agataz Energy offers bunker products (Low Sulfur MGO and Very Low Sulfur Fuel Oil – VSLFO – at all international ports) and guarantees that the products and services are of optimal quality, sourced at competitive rates, and delivered on time, at the right quantity, based on the needs.

As a specialist in bunkers, Agataz Energy operates in accordance with international standards and conventions, and in compliance with the latest ISO 8217 specifications. Furthermore, as part of its commitment to create a more sustainable maritime industry, and based on international regulations, Agataz Energy continually enhances its product range, with the introduction of new marine fuels with a maximum Sulfur content of 0.5%.


At Agataz Energy, we work closely with customers as their trusted advisors, offering global expertise and industry know-how, to consult ship owners and navigate their optimal routes.

Our professional team advises customers on the new maritime fuel standards related to VLSFO, to ensure the highest quality products, while adhering to international safety standards. Based on the expertise of Agataz Energy and its growing team, we contribute to enabling global fleets achieve their peak performance, 24/7.

VLSFO is a globally compliant fuel, with a maximum Sulfur content of 0.5%. In addition, VLSFO has a comparatively low viscosity and density, which makes it an ideal option for vessels, providing superior ignition qualities.

Marine Lubricants

Agataz Energy provides all types and grades of marine lubricants, at every international port. Our relationships extend beyond borders, and our synergies with all marine lubricant suppliers across the globe, allow us to offer the best competitive prices, ensuring deliveries based on the right quantity.

Risk Management

At Agataz Energy, we guarantee the business cycle and end-to-end transactions for clients, to minimize exposure to risk. This includes keeping fuel costs within a predictable range and governing the payment cycle based on agreed upon terms. Accordingly, safety and security are offered to clients who work with Agataz Energy.