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Agataz Energy is a full-service bunkering and marine lubricants trading company, covering all strategic ports and anchorage areas globally. Based on international standards and conventions, Agataz Energy offers quality assurance and excellence to ship owners, serving as a key strategic partner in the maritime industry worldwide.

As a bunker fuel and marine lubricants trader, the Agataz Energy team operates closely with its international major and award-winning physical suppliers network to source optimum bunker solutions for ship owners, based on location, timely deliveries and competitive rates.

Given the expansive geographic coverage of Agataz Energy, the company adheres to international standards and conventions, such as ISO, MARPOL, SOLAS and the IMO. In addition, Agataz Energy is committed to set the benchmark in the realm of compliant fuels, following global quality and safety standards.

Today, Agataz Energy covers all main hubs, including the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Singapore, West Africa and the North Sea, with strategic expansion ventures always on the horizon.

Agataz Energy, as a member of the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA), is connected to industry leaders globally, working closely on core issues in the maritime and shipping industries.

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